Laser Hair Removal Technician (Apprentice) 1st Level Licensing

Laser Hair Removal Technician (Apprentice) 1st Level Licensing


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Tuition Fee: $1,200.00
Special Price: $950.00
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All of our laser hair removal certification courses in Houston and Dallas are Hybrid; part online lectures & assessments at your own pace and part in-person, hands-on training.

*The certifications received from our school are approved and valid by the state (TDLR).

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  • L1 – L2 : $1,700 ($100 savings)
  • L1 – L4 : $2,200 ($200 savings)


  • Detailed Course Materials: Extensive
  • Hybrid Courses: Courses are part online (self-paced) and part in-person
  • Easy Login Access:  Learn as you go at your own pace.
  • Hands-On Training:  Licensed and State Registered Trainers
  • State-Certified Courses:  Accredited by the State of Texas (TDLR)

Course Hours: 40 hrs. total (31 hrs. self-paced online lecture with chapter skills assessments / 13 hrs. in-person hands-on practice)

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is a medical cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to destroy hair follicles significantly reducing hair growth. This procedure delays hair growth for long periods of time and normally requires several treatments until almost all hair follicles are destroyed. Laser Hair Removal is safe and very effective for all skin types when treated by professionally trained and licensed technicians and FDA-approved devices.

This Laser Hair Removal certification course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. By enrolling in our program, you will learn everything you need to know to perform safe and effective laser hair removal treatments as a Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician- Apprentice-In-Training in the state of Texas.

This Hybrid Course is a blended self-paced online and in-person practice certification course that provides didactic lectures and hands-on practice of Laser Hair Removal procedures. As soon as the student has enrolled the student will have full access to the online portion; the study materials and quizzes which will prepare the student for the exam administeredfinalizing the hands-on portion the day of class. Scheduled dates for the in-person class sessions are found above.

An Apprentice-In-Training laser hair removal certification from La Vida Laser & Aesthetics Institute will be awarded at the completion of the course as well as certificates for Laser Safety Officer (LSO), Blood Born Pathogens, and CPR& AED.

This Course Includes:

  1. Online video lectures (Self-paced)
  2. In-person review, hands-on training, and practices.
  3. All course materials in PDF format, forms, documents, and agreements.
  4. Chapter skills assessments (quizzes) to help the understanding of the course concepts.
  5. A certification of completion as a Laser Hair Removal Technician (Apprentice) will be awarded at the completion of the course as well as certificates for Laser Safety Officer, Blood Born Pathogens,and CPR& AED from the La Vida Laser & Aesthetics Institute.

Main Skills to Be Learned:

  1. Lasers
  2. Anatomy Of the Skin & Hair
  3. Patient Consultations: Identifying Good Candidates
  4. Post-treatment Complications
  5. Settings and Protocols
  6. Application of Laser Hair Removal
  7. Pre and Post-treatment considerations
  8. Laser Safety Officer (LSO)
  9. Blood Born Pathogens Safety
  10. State Rules and Regulations of LHR
  11. CPR & AED

Admission Requirements:

  1. The minimum age for admissions is at least 18 years at the date of enrollment.
  2. Students must have attained a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  3. Proficiency in English and/or Spanish for Spanish-instructed courses.

Student Acknowledgement of the School’s Refund Policy

Students enrolling in any courses agree to the following:

  • Refunds for hybrid courses are determined by the total course hours. Once students have login access, refunds are based on the entire course duration, with online hours treated as full hours, regardless of actual online time. This policy ensures fair refunds from the moment students gain login access.
  • There will be no refunds after the student has completed the course. Any materials, supplies, equipment, or other purchases are non-refundable.
  • Non-attendance or cancellation for in-person courses only without using any clock hours including student will result in the forfeiture of a $100 processing fee, per course.
  • The termination’s effective date for refund purposes will be the earliest occurrence of receiving written notice from the student via email.

After completing this course, you will receive a certification as a Laser Hair Removal Technician -Apprenticed to submit electronically to the state and apply for your apprenticeship license, this license does not yet allow you to perform laser treatments on your own, only with direct supervision from a licensed Senior or Professional LHR technician.
Once you receive your apprenticeship license from the state you will be able to move forward and elevate to the second level, 100-treatment practice.

*TDLR’s license processing fee is $50

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