Advanced Facial Treatments Specialist

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The Advanced Facial Treatments: In this course, the students will learn the process through steps of how to perform a complete professional facial using different modalities. (Hydradermabracion, Microdermabrasion, Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Cupping, Scrapers, LED Light Therapy and more. All these treatments have a multitude of tremendous benefits for the skin in combination: reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, decrease puffiness, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, acne conditions, regulate excess oil production, hydration, even in tone and texture, brightening skin, firm skin, and improve product absorption.

This Hybrid course is a blended self-paced online and in-person practice certification course that provides didactic lectures and hands-on practice of Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Cupping, Microdermabrasion, and LED Light Therapy. Students will have access to extensive online videos and training, through comprehensive course materials, as well as a scheduled in-person hands-on practice class to obtain the skills required. At the completion of the course, an examination will be administered. The examination will consist of a total of 20 multiple questions.

* The student may be required to bring a model for the hands-on practice portion of the class to attain hands-on experience. *

Course Hours: 8 hrs. total (4 hrs. self-paced online lecture with chapter skills assessments / 4 hrs. in-person hands-on practice)


A certificate as an Advanced Facial Treatments Specialist (Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Cupping, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, HydraFacial) will be awarded the completion of the course.

Main Skills to Be Learned:

1. Client qualification and consultation

2. Benefits

3. Skin Layer Anatomy

4. Application technique practice of Lymphatic Drainage

5. Application technique practice of Facial Cupping

6. Application technique practice of Microdermabrasion

7. Application technique practice of LED Light Therapy

8. Pre and post-treatment considerations

9. Post-treatment complications

10. Best Practice considerations

This Course Includes:

1. Online video lectures (Self-paced)

2. In-person, hands-on training, and practice

3. All course materials in PDF format, forms, documents, and agreements.

4. Chapter skills assessments to check understanding of key course concepts.

5. Insights on effective methods for building a successful practice.

6. A certification as an Advanced Facial Treatments Specialist (Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Cupping, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, HydraFacial)

Requirements for completion of the course: 

· 95% of total course hours

· score a passing mark on the final oral examination of at least 70%.

Admission Requirements:

1. The minimum age for admissions is at least 18 years at the date of application.

2. Students must have attained a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

3. Proficiency in English and/or Spanish for Spanish instructed course.


Advanced Facial Treatments Specialist