Scalp Pigmentation Specialist


Scalp Pigmentation is a minimal invasive cosmetic tattoo procedure. It’s performed using sterile microfine needles attached to handheld electronic tattoo device. This technique is used by placing tiny, pin-like dots of pigment ink into the skin, creating the appearance of hair follicles.

This Hybrid course is a blended self-paced online and in-person practice certification seminar that provides didactic lecture and hands-on practice of Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. Student will have access to extensive online videos and training, through comprehensive course materials, as well as a scheduled in-person hands-on practice class to obtain the skills required. Before the completion of the course, an examination will be administered. The examination will consist of a total of 20 multiple questions.

* The student is required to bring a model for the hands-on practice portion of the class to attain hands-on experience. *

Course Hours: 10 hrs. total (3 hrs. self-paced online lecture with chapter skills assessments / 7 hrs. in-person hands-on practice)

Requirements for completion of the course: 

· 90% of total course hours

· Score a passing mark on the examination of at least 80%.

· Student must demonstrate competency in Scalp Micropigmentation techniques through in-person hands-on practice.

A certificate from the La Vida Aesthetics Institute as a Scalp Pigmentation Specialist will be awarded with the completion of the course.


Upon completion of the course in the Eyebrow Ombre-Shading Pigmentation Makeup Specialist course, the student will be able to apply the theory, science, and practice for safe and effective Scalp Pigmentation Specialist procedures using a tattoo machine and a selection of appropriate pigments.

Main Skills to Be Learned:

1. Client qualification and consultation

2. Benefits

3. Application Technique practice of Scalp Micropigmentation

4. Protocols

5. Pre and post treatment considerations

6. Post treatment complications

7. Laws, Rules, and Regulations

8. Studio Licensing TDLR

9. Best Practice considerations

10. Blood-borne pathogens

This Course Includes:

1. Online video lectures (Self-paced)

2. In-person, hands-on training and practice

3. Take-Home Kit: Scalp Micropigmentation with Tattoo device, Tools & Supplies

4. All course materials in PDF format, forms, documents, and agreements.

5. Chapter skills assessments to check understanding of key course concepts.

6. Insights on effective methods for building a successful practice.

7. A certification as a Scalp Pigmentation Specialist from the La Vida Aesthetics Institute will be awarded.

Admission Requirements:

1. Minimum age for admissions is at least 18 years of age at the date of application.

2. Students must have attained a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

3. Proficiency in English and/or Spanish for Spanish instructed course.


Tuition fee: $1,995

Scalp Pigmentation Specialist